Why choose us?



Our hosting service is designed for clients looking for single or multiple domain under a business plan and a control panel.


It is a Data Processing Center. We currently have 25,000 square meters in state-of-the-art technological infrastructure.

Infrastructure Administration

With our turn-key administration services, you can stop battling technical hurdles and get back to growing your business.


A good domain name must be affiliated with the purpose of your site, it should be easy to remember and not consist of abbreviations or scripts.

Dedicated Servers

Our hosting service is designed for clients looking for single or multiple domain under a business plan and a control panel.

Cloud Computing

With our cloud computing services, you can off-load all the scaling and resource management tasks to us; and you get to go back to developing your app.

Our Solutions

An integrated set of tools to build, launch, and run websites.

Get high-performance hosting for Joomla and WordPress sites, plus a comprehensive toolkit to supercharge your team and help you launch faster. On Hospemex, you get expert support from real developers, best-in-class security, and the most innovative technology to host and manage your websites.


Lightning Fast Hosting

Run your site on the fastest hosting on the planet. Unrivaled speed, uptime, and scalability make Hospemex the best place to host Joomla and WordPress sites.


Hosting That Just Won’t Quit

Run your client sites on Hospemex and never worry about your hosting infrastructure again. Hospemex takes care of the tedious sysadmin work like setting up LAMP stacks, provisioning development environments, and maintaining servers.


A Platform That Tech Leads Love

Run sites on a host that meets your standards as a tech lead. Hospemex container-based platform has the features you expect, from advanced caching with Varnish and Redis to smooth scaling that lets you handle any traffic spike without breaking a sweat.

Why choose us?

For Hospemex it is fundamental to generate confidence and security in each of our customers, they are the motivation for study, innovation and constant technological changes to improve day by day in our products and business solutions. 

Inmediate attention

At Hospemex you will always have someone ready to answer your request via telephone, chat, online call or email ticket.

DDOS Attack Protection

Our clients can better protect their services like mail, httpd, DNS, applications, video and voice. With our DDOS system.

Hosting For Your Server

Hospemex will be in charge of maintaining your server online 24 hours, where you can count on systems of Electrical Power Insurance.

Cloud Backup

Today it is important to be able to access your information from anywhere in the world in a secure way. It is also essential to ensure.


It is a Data Processing Center. Currently we have 25,000 square meters in a single floor with concrete masonry, storm walls perimetrales .


It is very important that our customers and users have knowledge of the technology we use on our servers, so we want you to know about the SSDs.


We’re here to
help you

Got a question for Hospemex? Our friendly support team has all the answers, and can share them with you via live chat, telephone and email.


Our client’s reviews

I trust Frank at Hospemex to maintain the computers for our offices in Jalisco. For a small business, having a dedicated IT department or even a single IT person is not feasible. It can become very expensive and unmanageable. After much research and interviewing of IT providers, I decided to go with Frank. He delivers prompt, serviceable and professional work and his prices are reasonable. Additionally, his knowledge is impressive and the help he provides when we are in need of emergency support service is invaluable.
Danny Vesisarri
Business Operations Consultant, Chief Technology Officer
Vine de otro servicio de hosting con muy mala experiencia, nunca atendían las dudas y mucho menos resolvían los problemas que sucedían muy a menudo con mi sitio. Me recomendaron Hospemex y la verdad que son excelentes, en especial Francisco. Estoy extremadamente satisfecho con la calidad del servicio, la esmerada atención y un soporte técnico insuperable. No he tenido ningún problema con mi sitio desde que cambie a Hospemex. Los recomiendo altamente.
Mario Hernandez
Operations/Business Development Manager, CPIM-, CSCP-certified
Es un honor para mí recomendar a Hospemex. Iniciamos nuestra relación comercial hace varios meses cuando yo estaba en búsqueda de un proveedor local de servicios de informática para ayudarnos con la instalación y configuración de una red para nuestra nueva filial en Jalisco México. Frank es altamente calificado en su campo y un gran profesional; mostró ejemplar cortesía y paciencia durante todo el proceso. Quedé plenamente satisfecha con su trabajo y ahora es nuestro proveedor de soporte técnico de planta para esa filial.
Isabella Sales
Regional Manager, Int'l Events / Gerente Regional, Eventos Internacionales

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